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The Rotary Club of Kings Bay

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Kings Bay Rotary Club

Meetings (In-Person) begin at 12:15PM on Wednesday's.


November 30th - Staci Bertrand with Duke

December 7th - Bobby Bessler - Small Town Fire Department

December 14th - Madelyn Russell w/ United Way Small Business 365

December 21st - No Meeting

December 28th - No Meeting


Lunch served by Oysters Restaurant

Please bring in underwear, socks, shirts and shorts to the KBR meeting for the Citrus County Schools.








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Jocelyn Chapman, who is Immediate Past President of Rotary District 6950. Thank you for visiting KBR!11/02/2022 


We welcomed our guests Deputy Jimmy Sudlow nad Sergeant Evan Marshall, both of the County Marine Unit. Jimmy explained how the unit - consisting of three full time deputies and two part-timers - patrols the waters nine miles out and two miles in-land. Operating in close cooperation with the cost guard, the unit controls speeding on the waters, tress-passing, narcotics violations, and partakes in search and rescue efforts for missing persons.



It was a special treat for us to host Aiden Marshall and his team of four detectives on this "chicken day" and hear them speak about their duties in the Bomb Squad of Citrus County. Aiden, who is an honorary member of our club, explained how the team goes through intensive 6-week training under guidance by the FBI. The squad also trains regularly with Tampa PD as part of a regional team, serving a number of counties. All funding for the team is provided by the Department of Homeland Security, so citizens are not burdened by the high cost of equipment. The detectives proudly showed off their equipment and demonstrated how robots are used to remove ordinance or explosive devices. We are proud to have Aiden as part of our Rotary Club and are thankful that he is also overseeing security at our upcoming Stone Crab Jam.



County Commissioner Holly Davis was our guest speaker. Holly's charge is to lead the strategic planning process for Citrus County. She explained that her approach to planning is ensuring that the process is citizen-led. A two-day retreat conference covering all facets of county life led to a statement of mission, vision, and key strategic goals. The county's motto is "Welcome to Citrus County, where nature and community thrive". The planning process is still on-going and citizens are encouraged to visit www.citrusbocc.com/townhall to get information and to provide input. The strategic plan will cover the period 2023 through 2027, and during every year its progress will be carefully tracked.



Our special guests were District 5960 Governor Troy Willingham and Assistant District Governor Lace Blue, who eloquently introduced Governor Troy. He showed his enthusiasm for the Rotary mission by talking about several service projects he was personally involved with as a member of the St Pete's Rotary Club. He also expressed his appreciation for our Club's efforts to organize the annual Stone Crab Jam and raising the kinds of funds for charity that have such a significant impact on our community. He made note of our Haiti Water Project and our efforts on the path to gaining global project approval and, hopefully soon, seeing actual implementation. Finally, he reminded us of the importance of having a multi-year leadership succession plan in place for our club.



Our speaker was Andrea Arflack, Director of Philanthropy at Chapter Health System supporting HPH Hospice. She explained that her program aims to honor the special wishes of individual patients, thus setting it apart from other hospice programs. Her organization also provides grief support for the population of six to seventeen year olds. Roughly 75% of their funding is through individual giving.



09/24/2022  KBR Wild Beast Feast Fellowship



We are thankful for all of our members, but Phil goes above and beyond for us! These are some tomato plants that he plants and tends to. Then he asks for donations and the proceeds go back to the club.

Thank you Phil!


Our speaker was Eric Head, Director of the Citrus County Library System. Eric, who is a fifth generation native of the County, discussed the five library locations, asking if anyone had ever visited all five - and yes, our John Conroy indeed has! The Library Systems is focussed on providing education by making knowledge and skill-enhancing resources conveniently available to residents. Eric made mention of sixty educational classes offered, and of the "Libby" digital library, accessible via an easy-to-use app that provides a wide selection of e-books, audio books, and a massive selection of magazines in digital format. Other important efforts by the libraries include early childhood literacy, basic life skills for under-served populations, and reaching out to a multitude of local partnership organizations across Citrus County.



Joshua Hicks of the Handy Hicks Company was our speaker. At the age of 25, he founded his own company that provides handymen's services to the poorest segment of our county's population. Furthermore, Joshua tells the story of how he came to organize a skill-building class for young people in the age group of 10 to 17 years old. Various local firms in the trades provide practical teaching sessions to a group of 28 youngsters, who participate in a 12-week training period. The program is now in its third year and recently received the IRS's non-profit status.


With great joy, we inducted two new members into our club yesterday.

Help us welcome Karen Pape and Sherry Ward to our fellowship at KBR!


Our speakers, Evelyn Walker and Denise Scott, explained what BFF stands for: Best Friends Forever. The group was formed in 2010 and aims to further women's professional and personal development. The group's mission is to change lives through education by raising funds for student scholarships, open to both male and female students in Citrus County.

We are thankful for all of our members, but Phil goes above and beyond for us! These are some tomato plants that he plants and tends to. Then he asks for donations and the proceeds go back to the club.

Thank you Phil!


The highlight of our meeting was our speaker, Garrett Hickman. Introduced by his dad and club member David Hickman, Garrett, at 17 years old, told us about his life's experiences. Homeschooled through 8th grade, Garrett followed environmental studies and sustainable development at the Tremont Institute and volunteering was a large part of his education. He attended Children's International Summer Villages stays in Brazil and Sweden in his early teen-aged years, prior to participating in a National Geographic photography camp. Following attendance at the Academy of Environmental Sciences, he is now a senior at CR High and will soon be off to college with the aim of a career in biological oceanography. And won't he make a terrific future Rotarian?

Ed Wilsek congratulated David on his son's accomplishments and could not resist asking "But does he mow the lawn?"



Shaunda Burdette, Executive Director of the Citrus County Education Foundation. Shaunda has served the Citrus County School District with distinction since moving here in 2007. She told us about the work of her Foundation and how it serves the needs of 15,000 students in the county through 34 programs. Important efforts include the teacher's store that provides educational supplies, the Golden Citrus Scholars Program, and a mentoring program for high-schoolers not on track to graduate.




Vicky represented the League of Women Voters in Florida, and in her talk she explained the significance of various recent bills before the Senate. Vicky also outlined the various ways you can cast your ballot in Florida and highlighted important deadlines that voters should observe.


07/27/2022 Our speaker was Cregg Dalton, the Citrus County Property Appraiser. He is a regular visitor to our Club and provides a great overview of the functions of his office, and how it supports the citizens by means of an open door policy to explaining property values. Cregg also shared an interesting map showing the areas where approximately 800 new home have been constructed during the past six years. He expects that home values have arrived at a plateau bu that they will remain high in years to come. The slides of his presentation will be made available to anyone who is interested, just let me know.


07/20/2022 Please welcome our newest KBR member, Madelyn Russell, Operations Manager of United Way. Madelyn's sponsor is Meghan Pitzer who is sure to guide her well on her path into Rotary club life. Please introduce yourself to Madelyn when you attend our next meeting.


07/13/2022 Tiarra Alexander Heard with PACE.


07/06/2022 Thank you, John Weil for briefly speaking about the Citrus County Schools.


06/29/2022 Dawn Faherty with Core.

Jana Elisova visited us at last weeks meeting. She was an exchange student with us in the 2019-2020 Rotary year. She is from Czechia and gave us a flag from her club.

06/23/2022 KBR’s Annual Charitable Donations for 2021-2022 from Stone Crab Jam!


06/22/2022 Leon McClellan with M&B Dairy Farm for discussing the products there.


06/15/2022 Debbie Selsalvage with Coping with Dementia educating us on dementia.

06/10/2022 Congratulations to the 2022-2023 KBR Board Members!

KBR 2022 Induction

KBR Induction Awards! Congratulations to…

Rotarian of the Year Bonnie Saylor

Rotarian of the Year Phil Noll

President’s Award Tom Gotterup



Congratulations to the recipients of the Kings Bay Rotary Scholarships!

Service Above Self - William Spencer, Marleigh Miller, Isabelle Spiddle, Jacob Herndon and Mia McDougal (not pictured).

Ron Lundberg Scholarship - Allexis Watraus.



05/25/2022 KBR was presented a donation for volunteering at the Manatee Festival from the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce! Thank you to everyone that volunteered.


KBR 2022-2023 Foundation Board! ❤️


05/20/2022 CRPS Appreciation Lunch. Check out the closet of necessary items that KBR members and the community do for the schools.“Sherri’s Bare Essentials”



05/18/2022 Melissa Bowermaster with Jessie’s Place.


05/14/2022 reIMAGEd Club Leadership Training.

05/11/2022 Welcome KBR New Member Emily Thomas!

05/04/2022 Marni Ward “4-H Youth Development Agent II UF/IFAS”

04/20/2022 Principal Hopper with the Academy of Environmental Science for the update on the classes and how students are picked.

Welcome KBR New Member Janice Martin!


04/13/2022 George Schmalstig with Family Filter Solutions to update us on your mission to support Citrus County Families.


Sherri's Bare Essentials



04/06/2022 Chief Craig Stevens “Citrus County Fire & Rescue”

04/02/2022 Volunteering at the CC Fair.

03/30/2022 Garrett Adkins with the Citrus County YMCA.


KBR Members getting their badges. Congratulations!

03/23/2022 John Murphy with the Chronicle Update.


03/19/2022 Shrimpaplooza 2022 Volunteering!









03/09/2022 Jocelyn (Rotary District Governor) and Mike for visiting our club!


03/05/2022 PETS in Orlando 2022


3/02/2022 Stephanie with the Lighthouse for the Blind, for educating us on what they do! What a great program.


02/23/2022 Emily Thomas with an update on Boy Scouts of America! We also thank you for volunteering at the SCJ.

02/19/2022 RLI Leadership Part 1 in the books.

02/16/22 Thank you, Maurice Perine with the Lecanto HS NJROTC, for taking time out of your schedule to talk about the program. We also thank you for volunteering at the SCJ.


02/11/2022 Valentine's KBR Social

2022 KBR Valentine's Social


02/09/2022 Central Citrus Rotary Club AND Homosassa Rotary Club presented Sheri’s Bare Essentials with monies. Pictured is Sherri Parker and John Clardy.


02/02/2022 Johan and Janet Brongers for telling us about your “Glimpse into Afghanistan” and what you were able to do for them.


1/26/2022 Ned Barry - Update on Guatemala Literacy Project.


1/17/2022 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Processional at Copeland Park.

01/15/2022 Volunteering at the 2022 Florida Manatee Festival!

Thank you to those who were able to volunteer!


KBR Stone Crab donation to the Young Marines!

KBR Stone Crab donation to the Veterans coalition!


Thank you to everyone that was able to help volunteer your precious time for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing!


Thank you Josh Wooten with the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce for giving us a Chamber Update!

Kings Bay Rotary would like to say Merry Christmas and give a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Bunch and his crew at the Carver Center for all they do for our club! Thank you!

Thank you CCCC - Continuity of Care of Citrus County for the donation for Sherri’s Bare Essentials!

Sherri's Bare Essentials

The Citrus County Schools are in need of Jackets, Hoodies, Pants and Shirts. If you are able, please to the KBR weekly meeting.


KBR Christmas Social

Mariana's the Stinky Rose

Click here to view photos.


Thank you Peter Shay for your service above self for 50 years! What an outstanding accomplishment!

Thank you to everyone that has donated to Sherri’s Bare Essential for the Citrus County Schools!

If you would like to donate, please feel free to stop by and join us for lunch on Wednesday’s at 12pm, George Washington Carver Center!



Thank you Josh Liske, Stacey Wilson and Scott Baggerly with the Faith Haven Christian Retreat for taking time out of your day to join us and talk about the retreat!




Thank you to those who were able to volunteer at Stone Crab Jam!

Click to view photos.



Welcome KBR's New Member Garrett Adkins!


Guest Speaker, Attorney George Angeliadis with Law Office of Lucas & Magazine on "What to do if you're in an accident."



Guest speakers, Jonathan Beard with Citrus Friends of the Nature Coast, spoke about Camp Good Hope, Teen Encounter and Ongoing “Mini-Camps” help campers understand grief and learn to cope through interactive stations and support.


Welcome KBR New Members Ken Weliever and David Hickman!


Guest speakers, April Weliever and Ashley Thomas with Nature Coast Health Care, spoke about how to manage stress and when to talk to a provider.


If you would like to sponsor the Stone Crab Jam 2021 or know someone that would be interested, please click the link below for the sponsorship form!




Guest speaker Anthony Kopka with The Bridge 4 Veterans INC. He spoke about the Traditional Transition Homeless Shelter for Veterans.

May be an image of 2 people, including David Calloway and people standing


Thank you to all that have donated to help the kids in need! You all are appreciated!



Thank you Erika for the Chamber Update!


Sam Eshelman with Innovation Collective.



May be an image of text that says 'Sam Eshelman Brooksville, FL Community Lead C: 717-816-0002 e: sam@innovationcollective.co www.innovationcollective.co'


Welcome KBR Member Pam Cleary!


Chris Casella, Former District Membership Chair and current District Governor Nominee, will be speaking on the topic of District President Jocelyn's Focus and membership.


Joyce Palmer speaking about "Managing 3 Sisters Springs and Reopening after Covid".



Welcome KBR MemBer Will Lucas!


Amanda Honingford of Blind Services/FL Dept of Education/Children's Services.



Thank you Cregg Dalton (Citrus County Property Appraiser) and Cathy Brusko (Community Outreach Coordinator) for taking time out of your busy schedules to inform us on 

“Valuing the property that you value.”



David Calloway, the 21/22 KBR President!


July 11th, 2016
Guatemala Fire Truck

From Citrus to Los Encuentros or Chupol Guatemala

Kings Bay Rotary Club to donate fire truck to city in Guatemala

Shemir Wiles
For the Chronicle

Fire protection, ...

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